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Though rumors suggest otherwise, the Curious clan are a well respected Strangetown family. Their history of contribution to education and innovation is widely known and appreciated. But life in the Strangetown basin is life in any tightly knit community. The brothers, despite their efforts, are approached with a fair amount of trepidation. Vidcund is perhaps the most normal of the brothers. He's been incredibly driven in his physics work. Even as a young child he had a mind for the minute mechanisms that organize and drive the universe. He didn't always play well with others but he could spend a few hours reading up on the latest theories and eloquently decipher the key points to a lay audience. Many have assumed him to be an emotionally disconnected individual but Vidcund has a passion for life--most of which he redirected into his plants, particularly his prized violets, after Circe Salamis broke his heart. He finds that an active mind filled with a lifetime worth of work and exploration is more than enough to mask the pain of a heart unfulfilled. Though Pascal and Vidcund are similar in temperament to acquaintances, they are in fact quite different. Pascal has never been keen on the wholly theoretical world that his brother lives in. He loves the sensory element of applied science. This need to touch, feel, taste, smell and see results may have been what attracted the attention of the Pollinators. Pascal's scientific interests are biochemical in nature. Understanding the chemical elements of life has been his passion, one he has taken further by looking to the stars where there is also organic life. Though their motives are still unclear the Pollinators, as they are called by the Sims, abducted Pascal and impregnated him. Rumors and fear follow him but Pascal is too blissfully busy with this new experience. He feels tied to the soil and the heavens in ways Vidcund will never comprehend, the feeling is like something Laszlo would conjure up in his mystical rantings. Laszlo Curious dreams of fathering his own branch of science. Having spent his life with academic science he believes there is value in the methodology but he's always felt that their lens is far too narrow. He's never been particularly studious, relying more on his intuitive intellect than the ever prestigious brain that his brothers exercise, his grasp of concepts is surprisingly on target though he cannot explain how he knows what he knows. His work is on the peripheries of science. Mostly he's intrigued by isolated, random events and the Specter lands. It is his belief that legends, myths, anecdotes and mysteries hold secrets far more intriguing than the disciplined repetition of experiments. But he also believes in art and the language of the body both of which he sees as being subordinate to the mind in the Curious household.

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