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The Picassos are typical newlyweds: in love and actively dreaming bigger dreams than any place can contain. Both enlisted in the military upon graduating high school. Matthew never quite had the grades to make college work and he wasn't keen on any of the entry level jobs he could find so he enlisted. He wanted to be the sort of sim who could provide while doing something heroic. Jessica had the brains to enter college but she didn't like the laissez-faire attitudes of her college bound classmates, she wanted to be challenged beyond academics. She wanted to test her own limits. When Matthew met Jessica he fell in love with her earthy charms. This was a woman who could fix a car, cook a great meal and design her own clothes. In her spare time she loved to bargain hunt and can't pass up any opportunity for DIY. As much as Matthew was in awe of Jessica's high energy and desire to challenge herself, Jessica was equally enamored with Matthew's compassion for his comrades. He would never leave anyone behind in training. He'd push himself harder and inspire his fellow trainees to push themselves to greater heights. For Matthew it wasn't a competition to be better than everyone, it was a challenge to be better than himself. It wasn't long before they married. Just in time for their transfer to Strangetown. Both Matthew and Jessica approached the move with excitement. The cheap real estate allowed them to have a larger house than expected which they decorated with thrift store and garage sale finds. But now that they are out of training and into the very heart of military operations they're finding that time to build a family is in very short supply.

Ajay Loner loves surf, sand, sun and lazy tropical vacations. Strangetown was never on his list of places to move. But rent is cheap and money is good. He hopes to make it big as a lawyer and Strangetown is on the fringe of the law. Between the mad science, the relic hunters, the iffy methods of the military and the local kooks, there's always work for a hungry lawyer. Luckily for Ajay his ethics are fairly flexible so he often finds work defending some of Strangetown's fringe players in their slightly criminal pursuits. However, Ajay is still trying to find a way to get his name out there in a way that doesn't result in trash can assaults or worse. When he's not pounding the pavement he's at home starting his own pirate radio station. If he's really honest with himself he'd rather be living in a hovel on Twikkii Island entertaining tourists than sweating it in the desert. Besides, even if he were honest with himself he really does love his gadgets and money is money.

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