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I've been a bit MIA since the beginning of the year, which makes me sad because I love Sims and the Simming community. I hadn't really prepared a gift for the holidays ahead of time but I really wanted to put something together to thank everyone who reads my journal, the many amazing creators whose content has made my game absolutely stunning and all the folks in the community whose games are a constant source of inspiration for me both in game and out. This is a makeover I had finished awhile ago (prior to bloating my game until it cried for mercy). Wishing everyone a very happy & safe holiday season and looking forward to continuing to be part of the community, either actively or as a lurker. Hope you enjoy!

There is nothing that Florence Delarosa enjoys more than the natural world, except perhaps enhancing it. She believes that nothing is so perfect that it couldn't use some re-arranging. Not a particularly fussy sort, Florence is still fastidious in her own way. She's spent several months making arrangements for the grand opening of her flower shop which she hopes will help fund her deepest longing to pursue a career in science.


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